Saturday, July 19, 2008

I do love getting things organized....

I know this might seem extreme to some, and it really has NOTHING to do with scrapbooking, but this is what Kalli (my 6 year old) and I did today! I wish I had taken before photos. Her room is always pretty organized, but she had way too many clothes that had gotten too small, and her larger dresser was too deep, and it had become a mess. We took EVERYTHING out of her closet and dresser today – every single thing – and started over. It took a long time, but MAN, it felt great. She was so excited. We ran to the store for Drawer Dividers (these are totally the best invention EVER!) and also picked up some cheetah fabric covered bins (totally her choice, not mine, but they do look adorable). Ahhhhhh, I could just keep looking at it. :) So could she. My husband was not nearly as impressed with us as we were! I thought some of you out there might like to see what totally rocks my world at 36 years old. Surprising, isn’t it! The sheer peace and joy I found today at accomplishing this large task! It will make every day this fall easier on both Kalli and I as she gets ready for school. And, she is my kid that loves order. It was actually fun and she LOVED using the label baby to create all the labels. We are labeling the cheetah baskets tomorrow – she made me promise to wait for her.

And, CHA was cool. I actually left before the show started! :) After 12 years of being on the show floor setting up a booth and working the booth all day, it felt AWESOME to just come in and do a presentation, help Danelle a little the next day, and see some old friends. I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor stamping an amazing project from Melodee Langworthy – she rocks and she made me fall back in love with STAMPING!! I love love love Danelle's new Art Warehouse stamps, and I used some older ones, too, and they made my heart race I loved them so much!! I hope to add photos and get those two projects posted tomorrow….. today, it was all about Kalli! Hope you are having a productive weekend. Get yourself a task or project in mind for Make Something Monday…. having a plan will really help you accomplish at least one little thing each week.

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Amy said...

i'm the exact same way. once i finish organizing a closet i could just sit and stare at it. it's such a good feeling.