Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love sticking things RIGHT to photos.....

Who knew?? All these years I avoided doing that, and now I love it. I am working on pages for my ONE SUMMER class, and I just stuck phrase stickers, rub-ons, cut out stamped pieces, and epoxy stickers right onto the photos! Man, it made me happy. I love this project. It is raw and real and just about our lives this summer. I feel peaceful that we will have this to look at when we are freezing here in the middle of winter. Summer rocks, and my girls enjoy it every day.

We do still have some ONE SUMMER kits left.... we will keep them in the cart until they are gone. If you pick up the kit now, I will forward you the handouts. These kits include FOUR full sheets of Creative Cafe Spirit stickers that you can stick right onto your photos!! :) Remember, you can start this project anytime. Headed to CHA Summer in Chicago (I am driving). Will talk to you when I get back. Have fun and take (and print) lots of photos!

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Debbie said...

I got the outside of my album covered and I'm still working on the inside. Looking forward to I start putting self INSIDE of it. I got a huge box of photos from Snapfish just waiting to be put in.

Have fun at CHA. Remeber there will be a lot of us living vicariously through you!! LOL :) I hope you havce an amazing time.
P.S. Hopefully I'll be done by the time you return and I'll try to post a pic of the book. :)