Sunday, July 6, 2008

One Summer Class is in the cart now!

I just wanted to post here that I just sent out an email to anyone that commented or emailed me that they wanted to take this class... a few people commented and did not put their email in the comment. I tried to find those email address, but I failed (I am not great at computer stuff). So, Here is the email.... I hope if you commented that you find this here!

Have a happy week!



Hi Everyone!!

First, THANK YOU for signing up to take this class. I am so excited about it, it makes my heart race. I truly think it will be an amazing family for your family to look back at one day.

Second, the ONE SUMMER class kit is in the cart NOW!!

This email is going to everyone who signed up via posting or email to get notice when the kit is available. Please go grab a kit as soon as you can. I am going to post about it as well because a few people forgot to include their email address in their comments! There are a few extras that Marty made to be sure we had enough. On Wednesday of next week (July 9) I will let the rest of the newsletter group know that there are some extras if they want to take it. That should give you plenty of time to go get one if you want it. I wanted to give you plenty of time to get in there and get yours before they are gone.

Third, please have a little patience with us this first class – we are NOT a powerhouse internet teaching company!! This is just an idea Danelle and I had to get you guys some fun projects to work on when we are not able to go out on the road teaching in stores or at events!! I am sure there are going to be a few kinks, and I apologize AHEAD OF TIME for those that might come up! J I hope to get a notice when each of you pick up your kit in the cart, and I will mail you out a PDF file of more class information. More on that later…. But just email me direct ( ) if you have any issues opening a file, did not get one about three days after ordering your kit, or anything like that. I am nervous about what might happen, but we had to start somewhere!! This is my very first on line class…. Ohhhh, I am so excited and nervous!

Fourth – take lots of photos. Print ones that you love. Horizontal or Vertical works. I just ordered some 5 x 7 prints to see how those look in this little album, and I will take photos of that for you as soon as I try to stick them in there. For now, print your photos 4 x 6 or mini prints. More details on that coming soon!

OK, do you have any questions??? If so, PLEASE let me know – if you have a question, I am sure a lot of you do. I will do the best I can to stay on top of everything with this class. I work in my dad’s office during the days, so it might be night until I can get a response to you….. just let me know what you need and I will try to get you an answer as soon as possible!!
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for wanting to take this class. You have all probably had more talented instructors, higher end instructors, and much more well-known instructors, but you have NEVER had a teacher more excited for you to capture your memories for your family. That I promise you. Teaching class like this for people all over it what I have dreamt about since my old CKU days!! J I could not be more excited to bring this class into your home for you to work on when it works for YOU!

Enjoy every moment as it comes. You just never know how much that moment could mean one day! J

Go get your kit here

If you do not already have them, here are a few more items I will be using in my album that you might want to grab…. You do not need these items – you have everything you need in the kit to make the ONE SUMMER album… I just wanted to get you links to other things I might use, too while you were ordering your kit!! J I cannot link directly to the item, but I think I can get you to the landing page, and you can scroll to find the item. Like I said…. We are not a powerhouse internet company!!

Impress –On Rub On Booklet ( I love these and use them a lot – I have not used them in my album yet, but I am pretty sure I will – I love this set most of all )
Id: 18268 Spirit Swatch Book

Clear Stamps by Danelle – These are the sets I think I will use the most – you can use any stamps you have, too. Just get what you love or use what you have. Do not feel pressure to make this at all exactly like mine – this is all about YOUR summer and what you love….. Don’t forget to get a clear block if you do not have like 5 of them already!! J

* Just Write – lined set (I use this set all the time in almost everything I make)
Id: CS6146 Just Write

A cool mini phrase set I use a lot
Id: CS6148 My Thoughts

Another mini phrase set that I use often
Id: CS6149 My World

A new, larger size of phrases that I really like – I just got it, so I have not used it yet, but I cannot wait!!
Id: CS6175 Happy Days

Self-Inkers by Danelle –

Round Good Stuff (if you only get one stamp, get this one – it rocks my world and I use it a ton)
Id: SI6103 Real Life

Rectangle Never Want to Forget (I love this stamp)
Id: Si6107 Don't forget

Danelle’s New foam stamps
I have not used these yet because I just got them, but I love them and plan to!! They are a super size for me!! I cannot wait to use them in this project!
id: VS6157 Traditional Foam Alphabet Set

OK, have a super Sunday and I hope you had a nice holiday weekend. This kit can ship to you as soon as you order it – wow – that is so exciting to me. Thanks again for wanting to create this class for your family.

Kristi Sikora-Blankenship


Debbie said...

Ordered mine last night and before I even woke up, there was an email saying it was shipping today. I'm so excited. :)

Thanks for doing this Kristi. :)

Anonymous said...

ordered mine yesterday as well, showed shipped yesterday too! can't wait!!!