Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Winner Drawn by Kaya!!

The winner for this week's MAKE SOMETHING MONDAY is:

Hey Debbie -Kaya picked you all by herself! Please email me your home address and instead of Cropper Hopper, Shannon from YELLOW FENCE will get you a super cool prize package!! I know you have most Cropper Hopper stuff anyway!! Thanks Shannon - you rock!


Yellow Fence said...

My pleasure.

Debbie Mancini Wharff said...

WOOHOOOOO!!! Thanks Kaya. :) I'm so excited.

Thanks for blogging Kristi- I have gotten GREAT ideas from here.

Debbie Mancini Wharff said...

P.S. Thanks Shannon. I'm actually going to look forward to getting the mail now. LOL :)

You are awesome to do this. Thanks so much.