Saturday, August 9, 2008

5 hours and one headache induced nap later...

Kaya finally has an organized closet. She is the one that really does not care, so sadly, I left her room for last. It might not look like this for long, but it sure looks nice now. She is all about dressing herself, so I grouped clothes into sets and put it on the bottom for her to grab. Organized it by color to make the big one happy (she TOTALLY would have pointed it out as an error if I did not have her t-shirts in color order). A lot more small clothes for the garage sale came out of here.... Got her drawers back in order too..... need to get some money at the garage sale so I can go get her some drawer dividers at Lowes! I love those things, but they are not cheap!

Hope you feel just great about something you cleaned today or created today or a memory you made with your family today. If you made the memory, take a second right now and write it down.


Rachel said...

Today I cleaned my scraproom and trust me it needed it!!

I actually organized all my sketches that I had been printing off and sorted them out by one photo, two photos, etc..and altered a cute binder to put them in!!!

Latharia said...

Oh, just beautiful. I love it when I can clear the junk out, don't you??