Saturday, August 9, 2008

test post

I am trying to learn how to put photos in the middle of text instead of always at the top (I know that is annoying and i do not know how to insert them into text)

This is a photo of the clock I made with our photos

So I went to help and am trying this. So bascially, ignore this post! :) Unless you know how to set up your blogger account to do text, photos, then text under the photos... if you know how to do that, I totally need your help!


karen from creativetherapy said...

Kristi, blogger always puts it on top. all you have to do is copy the whole thing it puts in and paste it anywhere in your post you'd like the image to appear. so once you upload your photo and see all the stuff it dumps on the little edit window, select all of it, cut it and then move to the middle of your text and paste.

feel free to email me if you'd like an i can explain more . i can make a little movie for you if you'd like :)

Kristi said...

Hey Karen - thanks for your comment. I tried to cut and paste the photo with a title, and it pasted the title where I wanted it, but dropped the photo???

Ugh - this is making me crazy. THANKS for trying to help me!
Kristi Sikora-Blankenship :)

Rachel said...

All I do is highlight the photo and then drag it down..

So I type all my text first and then insert the photos inbetween the paragraphs where I need them.