Monday, August 18, 2008

Make Something Monday - Guest Artist

Here is a super cool, simple project from Shannon at Yellow Fence. She is ALL ABOUT making things systematically, so she can keep up with them from year to year.... I love her simple approach to all of it, and she makes things happen! I loved this album from the first page she made in it, and I asked her to share it with all of you.
This is her Characters Album. A simple 2 up photo album in which she will put photos of her super cute kid Cole (and any other future babies) posing with Characters. She lives in Florida, so there will be plenty of Mickey Mouse... but this album can also house photos of kids with Team Mascots (Go Gators), the Target Dog, and lots of other Character photos. How cool would it be to look back at you and your siblings with photos of you and Characters throughout the years? My Mom loved making us pose with everying in a costume - I so wish I had thought to create this album for her. I know it would have been one of her favorites of all times.

A simple format that includes a 4 x 6 journaling block as needed to seperate sections... 

And on some of them, she printed the titles right on the photo, but if you are graphically challenged like me, you could just use Rub Ons!
A close up of the title page so you can see what she typed - once you format this to fit - save it and reuse it over and over to create your journaling blocks faster.

This project is already a cherished family heirloom and Cole is only going to turn two! Can you imagine flipping through this is 20 years???  Totally an awesome idea. Simple, meaningful, and DONE up to this point. Please do not think it is cheating to use a photo album. Even if you are a professional designer on many design teams, this could work for you to help you get things done, take away pressure, and let you be super creative on a few pages. Too many of us pressure ourselves to make everything award winning. Remember, this is for YOU and your family - and you can do it anyway that works for you. Thank you Shannon for showing us a different way that works for YOU!
Did any of you make anything today? I honestly hope you did. When this posts, I will be in Colorado with the kids and Busia. I am willing to bet I at least wrote a little bit in our travel journal and probably stuck in some memorabilia, too. :)
Getting back on the train tomorrow night to come home. Cannot wait to post photos of our journey for you.

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Latharia said...

Now that is just brilliant! I love this idea. If I had kids, I would swipe this idea in a heartbeat!