Monday, August 4, 2008

Make Something Monday

Today I really just made a MESS - but that is SOMETHING, right?? :) When I taught organizing classes for Cropper Hopper, I always said to REALLY get something organized you have to make it MUCH worse before it honestly gets any better... well, we are in the middle of the WAY WORSE phase of a major cleaning project. I even have a dumpster on my driveway if you can believe that!

We have a friend's 12 year old daughter helping us watch the girls while Neil and I (we are both off work today and tomorrow) work like CRAZY cleaning out our basement and attic. It is AMAZING how much stuff you amass with over 10 years in this industry. My workspace is pretty darn organized (thanks to a cleaning visit from my best friend Shannon) but my attic still stored lots of stuff I would never need!! So, we have spent the past three days working on it. We are preparing for a garage sale on August 22 & 23rd here in Schererville. If you live close-by and want to come, email me and I will get you more info. There will be amazing deals on tons of back issues on magazines, storage products (lots of them), paper, rubber stamps, and even some albums - there is a lot of stuff, and my goal is to price it so well I have nothing left! Anway, I also "made" a newsletter. You can link to it here in case you are not on the list.

I hope some of you made something more fun than me!!! Happy Monday.


Dusty said...

I justed wanted to reiterate Kristi's encouragement on the concept of making small things along the way - and starting NOW. I went to her class at the Scrap Etc event earlier this year and was profoundly impacted by the idea of small journal scapbooks. I made the commitment to start right away (and I went back and did the first few months of the year that had already passed). Now my little journal book is bursting with photos, notes, and souvenirs of the things that have been going on in my family! It was a very small thing, very easy to do... I work full-time, commute an hour to work each way, have to pick up my 6-year-old, etc but I can find the time to use this small, simple format. And it really ADDS UP! Before you know it, I will have a whole year of special notes!

Jessica Turner said...

wish I could come to your sale! We met at Scrap Etc (you gave me the first dear sweet child box.) My little one just arrived a few weeks ago - you can see him on my blog. Hope you are well.

Melodee said...

shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

ok...that is Kristi style of cleaning out your go girl!

Good luck on the garage sale...hope you sell upwards into the thousands, as well you should for never having a GS before...which btw...I can hardly believe...get out..really?