Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making Signs Today....

For our upcoming garage sale (August 22 & 23 with a Scrapbookers Preview Night on the 21st I think). I have never had a garage sale before if you can believe that!! I want it all to be SUPER cheap and pretty organized! We are so close to seeing the light at the end of our attic! It was SO HOT up there today. I am happy to finally be back inside and I am SO GRATEFUL for air conditioning. Hope you are all having a productive week. I cannot wait until all this frantic cleaning is over. I need a break. It stuns me how much stuff you simply accumuate in places that no one really sees. I feel SO GOOD digging through it finally and letting almost all of it go! Since my parent's accident and we quickly finished our full basement, I have been bothered by all the stuff that got shoved into the attic or the one unfinished corner of the basement. Now that Dad is moved out, we were able to take EVERY SINGLE THING out of the storage room, sort through it all and only put back in things we need, use, or love. We are doing the same thing with our attic. It all makes me nervous because everything feels disorganized right now... but I know it will be incredible once it is done, and it gives me peace knowing that if anything ever happens to me, Kalli and Kaya will have so much less to sort through one day.

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