Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some more photos and organizational tips

Some people asked me for some more direct tips on organizing things. I cannot respond directly to that this week as I am getting that sale prepared and I leave with the girls and Busia for the train to Colorado on Friday....  but, if you need some basic info, go here and you will have an outline of some of the classes I used to teach for Cropper Hopper.   I think this is a great place to start. If you have specific questions about how I would organize something and the answer is not here, email me and I will get back to you after the garage sale!!

Here are a few photos that I will explain at another time.  Just wanted those of you who asked for more detail to get a peek behind the closed cabinet doors.... 

And, remember - while it is important to get your supplies organized enough so you can find them - it is MORE important that you scrapbook. Never stop scrapbooking your supplies are all perfect. If we all did that - no one would ever make a page. Work to get your supplies managable and keep what you love the most closest to your workspace - box up things you no longer love - and MAKE SOMETHING! :) A lot of waste too much time sorting, surfing and shopping (right???) It is TOTALLY COOL to do all those things, but make sure you scrap, too. :)

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