Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mom of the year....

When do they come bring me my award for Mom-of-the-Year??? 

This is a photo of my girls eating Spagettios in strollers in the rain as I had a lady come early for the garage sale!!  They polished off the Spagettios with Skittles...  NICE. So proud.  No veggies or fruit (unless lemon flavored candy counts??) Ugh. Oh well, when they bring me my MOY award, I will post the photo for you.

But, on a truly proud note - I had two people come by today to shop my sale because they are not around next week....  and we made $199 off just two people!!!  HOLY MOLY! We are thrilled. Kalli also picked up some chips and cups for her Lemonade stand for the sale next week.....  so it was a super productive day. Is that reason enough to feed your kids fake dinner and candy in strollers????  Please do not forward this post to social services. Please???  :)

These are the FOUR boxes of girl clothes a lady came and bought today for her granddaughter. I have all kids clothes priced at 25 cents, so she totally stocked up. I LOVED that it went to a good home, got out of my home, and we made some money, too!!  The girls helped her carry eveything to the car - and she said they are so well behaved (which made me feel a little better about the canned dinner in the strollers....).

Have a great today!


Megan said...

It is pure torture that I don't live closer to you - I have been yard saling all summer and have not hit one sale as good and as big as yours! UGGHH

heather jarrett said...

Ha! I'm pretty sure I'm your competition for mom of the year. I had a tree that had cracked and was leaning on our house removed; it took 9 hours to remove it during which we were not allowed in our house. When we finally got back in and ate dinner (leftovers), the treeman came to get a check. while I wrote the check my 4 year old drank the rest of my wine. talk about mom of the year. I guess we all have those moments!

Deb said...

I think that is a GREAT photo and you should scrap it. :) They look so happy and that is being a GREAT mom in my book. :)

Good luck at your sale. I'm starting to think of doing one here but we'll see if I get it together.

Have fun on the train! :)

Michele said...

Ah Kristi, you so make me laugh! I love that you took a picture of this. What a scrapbook moment! You rock!