Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Something Monday

OK, I am going to make this easy on you today. I received some kind assistance from Karen this weekend who took time to comment on my blog and then email me back and forth to help me learn what the heck I am doing on Blogger. When I asked her why she took the time to help me - she said:

"i took a class once that talked about how helping others is one of the best ways to feel good about oneself and to get energy and i believe it wholeheartedly. many people have helped me in my life (including you) and if i can pay back by helping them and others in small ways that I know how, it makes me that much happier."

It really made me think. So, my Make Something Monday challenge for you today is simple. Instead of making a page - MAKE SOMEONE's DAY. Do something and make them happy. Post a helpful comment on a blog you read, have your kids make a compassion basket of some kind and put it on the door of a neighbor who needs a pick-me-up, call your MOM if you are lucky enough to have her still here with you on earth, send a care package to a soilder, order a special book and have it send to them as a surprise, donate $5 to save three lives with Sweat for Nets....  just do one little thing and MAKE SOMEONE's DAY!  If you do it, please take a minute to let me know what you did.  

Happy Monday.

And, since I never like to post without a photo....  here is a photo of Kalli modeling one of the coolest sweatshirts I have ever seen. I got her the blue one and we got the white one for her very best friend for her birthday. You unzip the sweatshirt, and it comes into two pieces - you are supposed to trade 1/2 of it with your best friend. Now they both have one that looks like this (well, Maggie's is opposite of this one). I would have TOTALLY loved this when I was a kid! All we had was that BFF heart necklace that you split and each wore half - remember those??  How much cooler is this sweatshirt (from Justice)? Her friend thought it was a great birthday gift! I wish they had it in Mommy sizes because I really really like it! :)


hhockman said...

Well, Kristi, first I want to tell you how you made my day. Today I finished 2 scrapbook pages, 1 one page layout for each of my kids. They are very simple with just four pictures from the school year and some identifying journaling. I started them sometime in the middle of last week after reading your blog.

The significance of these two pages is that they are the first pages I've scrapped since March of 2007 (and there was only one page then-before that it was CKU Atlanta in 2006). I've been telling and telling myself to get back into it, but I just never did it. And then I read your blog, and decided something was better than nothing, and I started them. And today I finished them. They are simple, but I really like them, and more importantly, I REALLY want to scrap again.

So there's your deed for the day.

As far as making someone happy, that I did yesterday. We kept the son of a friend of mine for most of Saturday (and he spent the night), so she could study for an insurance test she has to take tomorrow. Yesterday after church we brought him home with us again so she could study some more. Now I just hope she passes the test. :) Hope you had a great Monday!

Latharia said...

Oh, what a wonderful idea! I'm always on the lookout for ways to make someone's day! :D I wrote 3 letters yesterday, 2 to friends I've not written in a month or more! So, it'll be a bit of a delayed effect, but I'm sure they'll be happy to get some non-bill-type-mail! :D

Marie in San Jose said...

With back to school coming up in two weeks new clothes and school supplies are heavy on my mind! When I was at the Credit Union I got some money for our shopping, and then filled out one of the "cards on the wall" and took out money to buy a filled backpack for someone who needs it. It's a great feeling to give this time of the year . . .