Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Parties

We had Kalli's class party today, and I got to be one of the Moms who helped with the party. It was so much fun. Get 21 6 year olds in costumes, plow them full of sugary treats, and HOLY MOLY they get a little crazy! I felt lucky to be there. Kal had on these tall shoes, so she was by far the tallest in the class...

Then, last night, we celebrated my little brother's 33rd Birthday at House of Kobe (one of those cool Japanese Style places that cook in front of you). Since his birthday is actually Halloween, the kids wore their costumes and were so cute! Kaya was terrified of the fire that starts the grill, so she hid her head under a napkin.

Both kids loved giving their handmade album to their uncle....  they were both dying to give it to him, so they had to each take an end and hand it to him together (note to self, next year, wrap two gifts even if one is an empty box)
And Kaya LOVED eating with Chopsticks...  they had these plastic cheaters I had never seen before that made it really easy for the kids to use chopsticks. Kaya had me take a photo EVERY TIME she got a piece of chicken into the mouth. 
Of course, her sister had to make sure I took some crazy food photos of her, too
And, here is all of us....  just happy to be together.
Happy Halloween Birthday my little brother (who never reads this blog, but maybe his friend Tracy who does will tell him to come look at the photos!) It was awesome to see you. My kids think you rock! 


danelle said...

Happy Birthday BROTHER!

What a super cute family of witches you have. Your girls are so lucky to have a mom who loves life as much as you's infectious with everyone you meet.

Happy Halloween to the whole FAMILY!

Yellow Fence said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!