Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Halloween Fun

Today we delivered Meals on Wheels and since the kids were off school, we took them with in their costumes. The gave the cute people on our route halloween balloons. The people LOVED them.
This lady, Mary, is my very favorite MOW client. I go into her home and unpack her whole meal and get her all set up to eat. She is just so kind and sweet I want to hug her. I love that we have this photo of her now. 
Just today I decided to dress up for a party we had tonight because I saw a teacher at Kal's school with this costume and I LOVED it. So we went all over, and we found the last one in town. And I borrowed a chef costume from my friend Jen, and Neil went as the Chef from Ratatoullie - we had a great time. 
Kalli made a kind friend who helped her with the games (most of the kids were bigger than her). Amber and Kal won the mummy game and her group also won the scavenger hunt. 
At the end, she was awarded the trophy for best costume (voted on by all the other kids). She was so excited. 
When it came time to bob for Apples, Kaya looked at the bucket of water and gave me this funny look and said, "There is NO WAY I am sticking my head near that yucky bucket of water Mama" but she wanted an apple, so they let her pick one. That kid just cracks me up. 
To end the night, we went out to this home in Griffith where the guy grows these HUGE pumpkins and carved about 80 of them into a theme. The theme this year was Dr. Suess. One of the pumpkins weighed 889 pounds. Can you imagine???  It was very cool to see, and we were the only people in the whole crowd dressed up and everyone kept commenting. It was just a great end to another amazing day this week. I hope you all have a HAPPY and SAFE Halloween.

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