Friday, October 31, 2008

Awesome Halloween

In all my 37 years, I never remember nicer weather on Halloween. I remember crying when it was so cold out that my mom made me cover my costume with my winter coat and mittens, but I never remember nicer weather. We had an incredible day. We trick or treated with Kaya's class in the morning...
And I went to the IRS office to refute a charge in my Twister costume.... needless to say, I lost my battle with them and they did NOT think I was cute. However, the neighbors thought it was awesome and we dressed up with the girls....
I just loved how spunky Kalli looked tonight with her make up and crazy costume.
Loved this photo of Kaya in glowing sunshine (my favorite time to shoot photos)
We were lucky and blessed to have my dad stop by to trick or treat with the girls for a while
And our adorable 84 year old Busia to answer the door and pass out our candy (which everyone really loved)
Here is a shot with a bunch of our neighbors - I love living exactly where we live and feel blessed everyday to be surrounded by amazing families
When we got home the girls dumped their buckets right on my carpet and I turned my head and heard Kaya yelling "Mom, yook (look) at me! I'm an angel!" And she was making a snow angel in all the candy right on my carpet. She was so happy. I of course took the photo THEN got her to stop mushing chocolate into my carpet. All our candy is smashed, but she had such a nice time and it just cracked us up that she thought to do that.
I hope you all had a safe and very happy Halloween. I hope you also PRINT some photos from it and stick them into something for your family. If you have children or grandkids or you just love dressing up, look at this Halloween Book. You can just simply stick in ONE PHOTO a year for every year. How many of you would LOVE to look in one place to see all your different costumes over the years?? I would LOVE to have that to show the kids.
Don't eat too much candy if you can help it. I brushed my teeth thinking that might stop me, but I might have to go eat just one more smashed butterfinger before I go to sleep. :)

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Melodee said...

FUN photos Kristi! We had fab weather was amazing! Snow last week and now 50's...we will take it over snow any day! :)