Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Amazing Day

I love this weather. It got up to 73 degrees today!! I could live with it every day! I am not a fan of winter and I LOVED the weather today. I Roller Bladed....  and I had not done it in a while, so I thought I might pass out. And then Roller Bladed to school with Kaya and three scooters in the wagon (note to self - NEVER roller blade pulling a child in a wagon...  what WAS I thinking anyway???). We played at the school playground for an hour (yeah, I was in the stupid Roller Blades because it NEVER entered my head to toss shoes in the wagon). And then played outside until it was too dark to see in front of us. It was awesome. An almost perfect day.

Eating Push-ups and playing with sidewalk chalk in the midwest on November 4th??  It totally rocked. I wish it could have lasted forever. It was just that kind of day.

When I see photos of these two, I wonder why I got so lucky to be their Mom. 
And this photo of Kaya stops my heart a little when I look at it. 
I took 105 photos today. On a random simple day. Thank goodness I finally went digital, huh? :)
And this will be one of the last of us with our amazing neighbors. Our kids have played together almost every day for the past five years. They are moving next week. To a bigger house - they have four kids in a small ranch and the dad works from home. They tried to stay on our awesome block, but they ended up finding a place across town. I know it is not that far, but right now, it seems like across the country because I was incredibly spoiled being able to look out my office window and watch my kids walk to their home. Heck, in the beginning, they barely even walked...  now they are riding two wheelers between the two houses and reading books to each other, too. When we first met, she had one with one on the way, and I had an 18 month old. Now, she has four and I have two. It has been so wonderful being their friends. They were incredible neighbors and I will miss them every day.
And, before one of you emails me to ask, yes, Kaya stayed in her pajamas all day. Even when we went out to eat to celebrate Kalli's amazing report card. She just loves them, and I think she looks cute! I wish I could stay in my PJs all day once in a while, too. :)

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Melodee Langworthy said...

What do you mean...I stay in my pjs all day...come on Kristi...lol...live on the edge! lol...

ok...on a serious note...that tree in your yard...TOTALLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I have serious tree envy right now....

We have had super nice weather also..today is our last day of it...tomorrow the bottom drops out...snow by Sunday night...ugh...