Monday, November 3, 2008

Kalli Makes Something This Monday

Kalli made her first purse. She is SO EXCITED for me to teach her to sew. She is going to have her own table in my upcoming craft shows. She even has a logo and a little money box. I want to go pay mystery shoppers (strangers) to come buy something from her. It was fun watching amazed by the sewing process. I am so glad I learned to sew in high school. I love the process of taking fabric and making it into whatever I want it to be. She has a lot more planned....  She is even going to open a little store once she has some made.
For those of you who are new to reading this blog. I try to Make Something Every Monday. HERE is the original post on why I picked Monday to make something. If you make just ONE LITTLE THING every Monday for 5 years, you will have created over 250 little somethings. I love looking at it like that. 
Also, I took 5 little girls to the park AND grocery store on Sunday all by myself. I know some of you have that many kids (and I think you are incredible people). I really felt like someone should give me a little merit badge on my way out of the store. Like I had done something incredible by handling 5 kids alone in the car, park, AND grocery store! No one came with the trophy I was expecting in case you were wondering. :) 
Have a great week!  


CindyML said...

Too cute the picture of Kalli sewing. She 'holds her tongue just right' when she sews. I do the same thing. My sister does it too. Sheer concentration. Tell her the purse is cute too. CindyML

Tracy said...

I absolutely LOVE Kalli's purse! She did an awesome job :)

Megan said...

I know once I took 5 kids age 12 - 5 to McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese and I felt a little award winning when we left and I still had all 5 of them and they were smiling!

Tammy said...

Kalli's purse is fabulous! I love how excited she looks showing off the finished product! She will sell lots if they are all that wonderful! I love it!