Saturday, December 13, 2008

Made a fun project tonight

Had a GREAT show today at the Lake Central event. I think there were 150 booths there. I wished I could have walked it but I was nice and busy. Had the best show I have ever had and it felt great. I am even doing an event tomorrow with some cool people I met today at the show. I made this for a lady to give to her parents for Christmas. I cannot wait for her to add her photos. I even made clear templates for her to use to trace and cut the photos! I am so excited for her to give this gift!! 

Have a ton to do.....  CCD in the morning, then the fun open house event, have two more trees to make, and a bunch of 10 Things I Love About You books for my class in Schererville on Monday. Plus, Girl scouts and teaching on Monday too....  Man, I better log off and go to bed! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Also, Tammy....  if you are reading this - the girls LOVE opening a gift on their trees every day. It is so fun watching them. We got a couple days behind and they opened three at once and had the BEST time. Thank you for the amazing gift for them. You have brought them SO MUCH daily joy this holiday. I am grateful.

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