Monday, December 15, 2008

Wonderful People Surrounding Me

I had a very busy, but very good weekend. I connected back with people I met this summer and ended up at a wonderful person's home today and made some cool connections. I created the album below for a family who just lost their grandma. I am delivering it tomorrow. (If you ever need me to custom create one of these little "10 things I love about you" books, send me an email. I can get it to you pretty quickly, and all you have to do it add in a little journaling and some photos.....  I am also teaching this class as a Mom and Me class Monday night at the Schererville Town Hall from 6 - 7 PM).

I love that paper and glue can connect me with people and I can help them do little things to preserve their family's memories. I had a great time today meeting new people and showing them the value of doing just one little thing and loving that they did that! I felt connected to people in an odd and peaceful way. Like I was exactly where I was meant to be today....  and it was last minute and I felt unprepared....  (which you know I hate) but it went so well. It was good for my family because I can get a couple little things I needed for the holidays because of the success of my business this weekend, and I can sleep well knowing I helped a couple of moms feel excited about the little things they do. Have a great week.

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