Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finding JOY in 2009

It is day 17 of a wonderful year so far. I have worked out daily, gotten back on track of counting my points and really watching what I eat, trying to get more sleep (not happening so far, but I have a goal to do that) and I have lost 8.9 pounds already, too. I also have committed to the Project 365 concept of one photo a day and one memory from that day stored in a simple way. I did this a couple of years ago, but I did not have a super simple system to organize it all. My husband was diligent and picked up a Becky Higgins 365 kit for Shannon and myself. It came yesterday, and man it is great. I have printed out my photos daily (on my little mini printer I love love love) and just have to stick them into the pockets.

I find great JOY and PEACE in taking a photo a day. I love that my family is looking at every day with me deciding what part of this one day is the part we want to never forget. I love looking at simple life moments as wonderful memories. I love the idea of the girls and I looking back at this Project 365 in 20 years and LAUGHING at our hair, our clothes, and other little funny things. I cannot imagine how much I would enjoy something like this from when Matt, Mindy and I were little. I feel blessed to have found out about this concept the day before they went on sale, and I feel very lucky to be one of the few to have gotten one because they sold out so quickly. I feel like I am adding to an heirloom every day, and it makes my heart feel happy.

Here are a few of my daily photos so far (I do not plan on posting them every day because I am ALL ABOUT simple this year, and that would stress me out). I will try to post from time to time. I feel 100% certain that I will stay committed to this and to working out and eating right. All of that will bring me great JOY (which is my word of the year for you Ali Edwards fans).

Trying to get together a newsletter about Make Something Monday, but I had my first Parent/Teacher conferences this week, and I had so much to do to prepare for those... I will get that rolling by February.... and I hope it will inspire some people to make something.

I hope anyone reading this is finding JOY this year. :)

And a special thanks to those of you who emailed me asking if I was OK because I had not blogged in a while. Teaching is sucking up all my time, so there will not be as many blog posts this year, but I will do them once in a while to let you know about simple ways to capture memories, classes I am teaching, and Once Upon A Family sale items.... in fact, the AWESOME Lessons for Little Ones full set in the box (all 12 months) is on sale this month for 1/2 off - only $49 for all 12 lesson kits PLUS the box. Never going to get a better deal than that! I simply love doing these lessons with my girls. I love helping them understand important life concepts like Gratitude, Honesty, Family and so much more by completing simple fun projects just once a month like a family!

And, January is DOUBLE HOSTESS POINTS so if you want to run a quick book party, let me know and I can get you out some catalogs.... you can easily earn wonderful things FREE for your family with DOUBLE HOSTESS POINTS!

Hope you are all having an amazing start to your year!


tammy said...

Oh good - I am glad that you are A-okay! Wow - congratulations with your weight loss and work-out - that is a fabulous start to the year! I love the simple 365 day memory book - that looks like fun!

Marilyn D said...

Your kids are so freakin' cute! Enjoy the new year and thanks for sharing! Your Mom looks like she was a wonderful person and lots of fun! There is no better things in life like our Moms! I miss mine too!

Denise said...

was wondering if everything was ok...glad to hear things are gong well for you. Cant wait to get the girls together again and catch up. Miss you