Monday, February 2, 2009

I love these trees....

A couple of people have asked me to post some samples of the different Wrought Iron Trees I have made in one place...  Here are my favorites with some text as to what they were for...

This is one I did for a few people to give a grandparent for Christmas. I did them in whatever color the customer asked for it to be - or I just sold them as they were out of my both at events - this one came with clear templates so it was easy to line up and cut the photos into circles OR rectangles.

This one was for an amazing friend of our family. It made me so proud to bring this to them as a hostess gift/holiday present. I had lots of photos of them, so I was able to compelte the tree for them photos and all.

This is a simple shot of one I did as a booth sample without any photos on it at all, and it sold right away. Wish I had a better photo.

And this one is ours. The one I have on our Piano. The intention was to change it for every holiday and let the girls redecorate it, but I love this gratitude tree SO MUCH I have not had the heart to take it apart yet. Looking at this everyday makes my heart feel happy.  This item seems to make people stop and look at my booth at fairs and shows. I love this tree.

So, let me know if you want a plain tree ($35 plus shipping) or if you want me to decorate one for you (Prices vary - but I sold the Grandparent ones for $50 for the holidays). I can come up with just about anything you need in the colors that work for you.  Templates are always included so it is super easy to cut your own photos to the perfect size.

I love this wrought iron tree. Once I get caught up with teaching and planning (yeah, like that is ever going to happen) I will try to create some TREE KITS for holidays and just offer those.

If you have picked up a tree from me (Tammy, are you reading this??) and decorated it, please email me a photo or a link to where I might see it as people are asking me for more ideas, and I have not done that many different ones. THANKS!

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