Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun Fiesta Food

Just wanted to show a few details from the party we had for the Rotary for my dad this weekend. It was a progressive dinner and we were last stop...  dessert! YUM! I used all my WW flex points, but I did pretty well considering all the YUMMY stuff we had.
I thought this punch looked so pretty. I borrowed this picture and stirring stick from my friend Mari and it just made it perfect.
I made this one....  it looked so cute, tasted SO GOOD and was only three points!!  It is just strawberries tossed with a bit of rum and pure maple syrup and a dash of black pepper (odd, I know). Then you put in a scoop of Fat Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt and top it with a mint sprig. It was great and it looked so fun!

I had to quit being in the Rotary with my dad when I started teaching since I can no longer make it to the meetings. I miss it. I miss the people and I really felt like they needed younger women in the club. Maybe one day I will be able to join again. Best part about the party is MAN, my house is nice and clean right now. I LOVE A CLEAN HOUSE more than almost anything besides my family. It makes me happy.

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