Monday, April 13, 2009

My brother got all the "cool"

I am a firm believe that God gives each family a certain ration of funny, and of cool and of other desireable personality traits. It would not be fair to give ALL the cool to one family in the world you know....  In our family, everyone knows my brother got ALL the cool (yeah, yeah, I know I did not get ANY of it). Here are a few pictures of his awesome home. He sold it and needs to be out on May first. I know he is doing the right thing, but as a hater of change...  it all makes me sad.  He did SUCH an amazing job filling this funky space with things he loves.....

My brother even has Cool friends....  My children both love Rahul, but Kaya thinks he hung the moon. And, Busia has always loved Matt most. He is just about as cool as it gets. Lucky me for being his sister...  because he totally would not want to hang out with me otherwise.

He also is the COOLEST uncle on the planet, and all the kids know it.

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