Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great weekend. Different than before, but we enjoyed it.
I always feel like my Mom should be in photos like this. I even see a space (between my head and Mindy's head) where her happy face belongs. I close my eyes, imagine her in that space and open them and I sort of really expect to see here there. In lots of my pictures it seems like I leave a space for her. I miss her.....  But, to move on, here are just a few of the 378 shots I took yesterday and today.

The yearly Rotary Egg Hunt (It lasts from 9 - 9:02 AM - if you are late, it is over)

My Dad's last couple months as the President of his Rotary Club.
The girls hunting for eggs. Our last year in Uncle Matt's awesome home. He sold it and closes on May 1.

Mindy and her family joined us for Lunch on Easter Saturday this year. It was fun.
My brother's block makes my heart ache to take photos...  lots of photos. I have tons of the kids. This is one of the MANY where I tried to get them all to jump. Tara Whitney makes this look WAYYYY easier than it really is. :)

This is just a typical shot at my brothers....  an egg hidden in a classy setting of high end booze. :)

Taken from my brother's loft.
All of us....  Matt's place not only is funky and TOTALLY cool. It has the best natural lighting for photos ever. I love portrait type shots there with no flash. They all come out great.

Anyway, I hope you all had a relaxing and blessed Easter weekend.

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