Monday, April 6, 2009

She won a fish....

Those of you who know me know I am NOT a fan of pets, plants, or messes....  we have made it this far pet-free and I have loved it. Well, we went to the elementary school Fun Fest on Friday and wouldn't you know it, Kaya won a fish. Ugh. It was sad, but as she played the toss the pingpong ball into the fish bowl I hoped beyond hope she missed. Neil and I knew she would not miss because she is that kind of kid. Yep, she won. BUT, happily, it was a coupon for a fish, not the real fish. I thought she would forget. I stalled the best I could. But both of them asked over and over when we were getting the free fish. Even me, being tight on funds, can you really tell your kids they cannot have a FREE fish? Ugh. So, they went to get it today with their dad.

And it is in an old vase, so it only cost the food so far. And, the guy at the store was trying to get the one they wanted and accidentally got two - one girl and one boy - so now we have two fish. Abigail and Dominic (they each named one of them). I am stunned and they are so excited. We had to carry them into Kal's room for family prayers,"Because you know they are part of the family now, right Mommy?" Oh, please, do not let these fish die tonight. I am not sure I can take that in the morning. :)

I think they both could have stayed up all night watching it. They even made me leave a light on for them so they did not get scared. Come on Abigail and Dominic. Please Do not die on me.

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