Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Bye Abigail.... Hello Sophie

OK, the first 24 hours with the stupid fish did not go so well. I woke up to find only one fish...  I am not kidding. Turns out little Abigail got stuck under the rocks and did not make it back out. It was not the best start to our morning needless to say. The girls handled it quite well and went on a mission with daddy this afternoon to go get Abigail 2. Well, they came home with Sophie (not sure how the name got changed...  but it is much better that way because at this rate we would possibly be up to Abigail 6 by the end of the weekend). They also came home with a bigger bowl, a pathetic little bag of rocks (we actually need more rocks), a plastic plant, and a bigger fish. So now we are about $20 into the FREE fish. One dead. Two to go. Oh, and to buy the new Sophie to replace dead Abigail was only 19 cents. 19 cents!!!  Nothing costs only 19 cents. Not even a gumball. They get you on the accessories!

These girls love these stupid fish. Please Dominic and Sophie. Make it through the night. Please???


Shannon said...

This is a RIOT. Only you.

3XMom said...

highly recommend a beta fish. They are WAY more hardy than goldfish. And although the cost is multiple times higher - its stil like $2. You can get them in blue, purple and pink too! We have had our current one for almost a year. Previous versions lasted several years - and those who died were by user error.

Megan said...

I concur on the beta - I have one at home and every day he lives is a miracle around my place. I had one at the office and he only died because one of my coworkers kids took him out to pet him. (I frankly thought that was adorable!) But I don't think you can keep them in the same bowl - they fight each other.