Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am a winner and BOTH fish lived 24 hours in my home....

Dominic came close to dying...  Neil found him swimming sadly and slowing on his side. So Neil changed out the water and added more of something and Dominic seems to have picked up speed a bit. I dread looking in that bowl in the morning!!!  I need to make the next one a Beta because you guys are telling me even my family will not kill a Beta!! 

And, I am SO EXCITED! I entered a contest on Jody Ferlaak's Blog late last night (right before they drew). I had not heard of this class before, but I fell in love once I read it and totally wanted to take it (it starts tomorrow). I really do not have the $25 (and we already just spent $20 this month on the darn dying fish) so I went to bed hoping that if it was time for me to start a book like this for my awesome Mom, maybe, just maybe, I would get picked. Now, I have never won anything (unlike Kaya who wins fish that die) so when I logged in this morning to see that I won, I was so excited, I actually got teary eyed! I feel INCREDIBLY BLESSED to get this push to create a simple, meaningful place to store memories of my Mom. I have started a tribute type album for my Mom where I sent out cards with different questions to our family after the funeral and I am putting them in this nice album...  but that was not the whole story. I wanted to do a little of her life, and what she taught me, and I was never sure how to do that. I also have ached to create a page about the accident because one day, I will not be here to tell the story, and I need to know my kids know how suddenly life can change...  this project will not only allow me to do that, it will show me the way. I am so excited. I even made a simple start to my title page tonight because I had a small story I needed to tell about my Mom. So, I feel blessed and cannot wait to share this journey with you.

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tania said...

you are too cute kristi. i hope the journey is one that will help you heal even more along the way.