Monday, June 22, 2009

40% off all Once Upon A Family Products

Once Upon A Family is closing its doors to consultant sales as of June 30th! They did not give us much notice...  but, they are offering 40% off of anything they have so you can complete your kits, get what you have wanted for your family, and stock up on a few meaningful gifts.

I loved their items once I saw the Dear Sweet Letter Box. I got one for each of my daughters and became a consultant. I never did many parties, but the parties I did do were a lot of fun, and I think people picked up some great, meaningful items.

Anway, this is it - your last shot. So if you have been waiting to get anything, now is the time before it is gone for good. Plus, at 40% off, you can check a few Christmas gifts off your list!

Here are a few of my favorites:
Dear Sweet Child Letter Box

Handprint Book

Birthday Book

Wrought Iron Tree (this link to the OUAF cart for this item never worked for me, but you can link to some cool trees I have made with this item) 

They have a lot of other very cool items like Lessons for Little Ones, Keys, Cool Silk Albums and so much more. Browse the site if you get a chance. These will all be gone in just a few days. I hate when things I love end. Anyone who reads this knows I hate change of any kind. It is sad that a company with these strong of products could not make it. 

Speaking of change...  in a few days, my beautiful (and crazy) 85 year old grandmother moves in with us. It surely will never be boring!


Jessica Turner said...
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debbie said...

Hi Kristi, Thank you for helping me...& SO QUICKLY!! Great talking with you! Made my day! *hugs* Debbie