Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love Bingo

I totally stole this idea from Stacy Julian's blog and I LOVE IT ALREADY!
It was quick and easy to alter her templates she kindly provided to make this work for our family.
The girls are excited and I am totally excited, too.
Go Summer!

I have had a lot of issues posting and I think I finally might have found a way around the issues. For any of you still reading this thank you for checking in still. I hope to post more this summer. And, I will post again later with info and links...  but Once Upon A Family is longer going to be in business as of June 30th so if you have anything you wanted to get from me...  be sure to order soon off my website before the products are gone forever....  more on that later.  OH YEAH - every awesome thing they make is 40% off! Get what you have always wanted now before it is too late.

Have to do some Father's Day fun stuff. Oh, I will post the pages we made him sometimes soon. Go visit Stacy and make BINGO cards for your kids if you have them. :)

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