Monday, July 6, 2009

Make Something Monday

I uploaded and ordered photos....  it is all I could do today, and in my book, IT COUNTS! :)
I am reading Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom book, and she even says that labeling photos, ordering them, organizing them, etc counts as scrapbooking....  so for this Monday, this counts for me!

Here are a few of the photos I uploaded and ordered enlargements of. I feel so lucky every day to have these two little buggers call me MOM!
I even love simply watching (and taking pictures of course) of this child eating.

Here are the girls all lined up for the parade. It rained on us, but did not get rained out! (Good thing Neil kept working on those bike decorations)

Here they are in the parade...

Here is one of Kaya with Mommy and Daddy with Kalli. Right before the parade (and the rain) started. How lucky am I to have this as my super cute little family??

Every year I take a photo of Kaya from the BACK in the bike parade. I need to gather them together and create a page. She was TOTALLY last in the parade last year....  slowly pedaling away and chatting with the police man bringing up the rear. This year, she kept saying "There are people still behind me, right? I not last this year." Man, she cracks me up. And, for the record, she went FAST this year and I had to run to keep up with her. Next year I need to take my bike! :)

Busia always comes to the Parade and cheers on her girls. Man, she is amazing. In the rain at 85 years old, she never missed one thing these children do. I mean, really, how darn lucky are we to live with this bundle of love? She loves this parade and had no problems getting wet by the end. We sure to love Busia.

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