Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We love sunshine!

Since our 4th of July Day plans got totally cancelled....  we went swimming and boating at Dad's condo the next day instead. It was a lot of fun. I love water. It just feels peaceful to me. Only took the little camera that day so these are the best shots I got. It was nice to just have fun and not worry about the big camera for a day! And, I still got some great shots.

You can see my Dad's condo behind the kids. This was my 365 photo for this day. Loved this shot.

Self portraits with Mommy on the moving boat!

I love how happy they all look in this photo. No clue what the wonky coloring around Neil's face is....  I get that with this little point and shoot sometimes. But, it was worth it to relax and enjoy the day more....  sometimes I get WAYYYY too focused on getting good pictures. Yeah, I could have done better, but I can totally live with these! :)

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