Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Missing FRONT tooth and gymnastics....

Man, Kalli is growing up way too fast. I tell her to slow down ALL THE TIME, and she ignores me. Even my husband pushes her ahead into being a big kid. He simply cannot stop pulling out her teeth! As soon as he sees a wiggle, he starts working it with her until together they can yank it out. Ugh. I run away from them because I simply cannot stand to watch him pull at her little teeth. They got out one of the front ones this week and they loved teasing me about it. Even Kaya was teasing me that Daddy was pulling out her teeth.
I love this shot of my little PUMKIN HEAD! (with all those missing teeth she keeps saying "Hey, I look like a pumpkin!")

I let each kid pick one summer camp, and Kalli picked Gymnastics. She has loved it. She did it years ago, and is enjoying it a lot. I think she looks the part....  her long legs, lean torso, the ponytail....  she really has it going on out there. Wish there was better light to take photos (from the balcony where we sit to watch), but these are the best I could do.

Such a gymnast pose! 

Cannot complete the post without a photo of Kaya enjoying herself at her Kids Camp at the park. She loves it and the love her. I love this face.

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