Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grateful for Today...

OK, the day did not start out that awesome. I am stressed about work and the scale was TOTALLY not my friend. But, it ended up being one of those days you actually take a minute to thank God you got to live. As Kaya and I were leaving school, it was pouring rain in Crown Point. I called Matt to tell him we were on our way and he said Kal was so excited for Kaya to come home so they could play outside. I was surprised because it was POURING by my school. By the time we got home, it was raining at home, too. Instead of making them stay inside, I let them play and PLAY THEY DID. I took about 100 pictures of them just loving each other and really loving playing in the rain.

And, right before they came in for baths and dinner, the rain slowed and the sky above our house opened to show us a beautiful double rainbow. If I had not let them play outside...  we totally would have missed it. I have always been sure that rainbows were a sign from heaven, and we got to see one tonight. And, I cannot WAIT to scrap these pictures. I felt lucky to be their mom and to be here watching them.

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