Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Smarter as I get older...

OK, I had a GRAND plan for a garden we were going to plant this summer. I read a magazine and even drew out the plan. It was going to be 6' x 4' in our yard. I talked to people who know how to garden and got a list of things we needed to buy. Off I went with the girls and my cool brother Matt to pick up what we needed from Lowes this weekend. While in the store, piling our cart high with everything we needed, I suddenly felt like I could not breathe.... WHAT AM I THINKING??? Pulling up all that grass to attempt to plant when I have no clue what I am doing?? We had fencing, steaks, weed tarp, tomato cages, lots of dirt, plants, tools, etc.... I asked my brother when I became a farmer!! I THANKFULLY realized while still in Lowes that I was in WAY over my head. So we pared it down. Put back a few plants, the steaks and fencing, all the tools and most of the dirt. We picked up more pots (we were already planning to plant 5 herbs in pots anyway) and went home. On Sunday Matt, Rahul the girls and I peacefully planted our little, manageable garden in pots on our deck. Ahhhhhh, it was wonderful. Start to finish it took one hour instead of the entire day. The girls TOTALLY LOVED IT. And it should be easy to maintain. We hopefully will have some tomatoes, cucumbers, various peppers and sweet peas in addition to great smelling herbs to use in our clean cooking. I AM SO PROUD that I realized I was insane before we left with all that stuff and dug up my yard! I mean, now, if everything dies I throw the pots away and we can pretend it never happened. That would be impossible if I had left a 6 x 4 foot gaping hole in our nice yard. I am happy. It makes me happy. We watered it today and the girls love it. It is totally a new thing for me to REALIZE I am going off the deep end and STOP MYSELF before it happens. I like it. I might try it more often in fact.

Here is to hoping we get some good eats out of our potted vegetables. And to knowing I can throw it all out if we do not! :)

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