Monday, May 17, 2010

Before and after

And I am not even done with my after.....

I do not even remember how I heard about it, but somehow I entered a contest for Life Fitness based on the concept of people choosing to be healthy. And they sent me a shirt, and I was so proud that they sent me a shirt that said I LIVE IT. I hope I live it. I hope I make strong choices every day. I really want to be an example for the girls that they have choices to make in their lives, and I want to fill their choices with healthy options.
Well, today, I received an email from Life Fitness asking me for BEFORE and AFTER pictures (I totally had no clue that was part of the contest or I so never would have entered). So I dug up this horrible picture from a few years ago - there were two of them. When I saw this one, it made me so sad. I felt like it was my head on someone else's body. I really did. When I saw these pictures, I joined weight watchers, we got an elliptical and some weights and I started working. And I have worked on and off for the past three years. The weight has come off VERY slowly, and I still have 15 pounds to go - but I eat clean and feel SO MUCH BETTER every day. I have no clue what will happen with the contest - but since I had to email her these pictures, I thought I would post them, too... the before.... And my after are the race pictures... already posted below... but I wanted to post one of them so I could see them both in one post.
I know I can keep doing this every day. At least I am moving in the right direction, right???

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