Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am a runner.

Wow, that feels cool, to say. I have wanted to be a runner since middle school when I was playing on the volleyball and basketball teams and I would see all the cross country and track kids come through the gym. I thought about how amazing it must feel to be that strong. And to be able to run like they ran. I have always had poor knees, and I thought it would keep me from ever running. Now, at 38 - I started to run this past January. I started slowly following a program that allowed me to build up to actually RUNNING. And, it seemed to work. I was worried my knees would not hold out - they were SO SORE when Matt and I tried to run every other mile in the Indy Mini Marathon last weekend. We only made it to running mile four and it felt like someone was stabbing us in the knees. We still did great and cut 25 minutes off our last years mini marathon time - Matt and I finished in 2 hours and 52 minutes last weekend. We walked most of it REALLY FAST and ran just under four miles. So, our goal was under 3 hours and we did it, but I was sad all week that I was unable to run more.

With my first attempt to run a real 5K happening today, I wondered if I could do it.  Well, I DID IT! I ran the entire thing and there were even hills! It was hard, but wonderful. I wanted to run it all and do it in under 30 minutes if it was possible - well, I ran it all and ran it in 28:06 (and I even had to stop and tie my shoe!!). I started sobbing when I crossed the finish line because I felt like NOW I can say "I am a runner." My knees might never allow me to run a full mini marathon, and I am ok with that. Because I did run a 5K and I ran it wtih a very respectable time. I beat my goal - just 8 days after my knees killing me in the mini. I did it. I ran by myself outside for the first time ever ( I run on my treadmill and I love running inside). I ran fast for me, too. Fast enough to allow me to call myself a runner. And it felt great. Really, really great. And that makes me really really happy.  And I love pictures with some random guy dressed like a banana - that makes me happy, too!

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