Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Father's Day Workshop Photos - updated

We had a bunch of people over on Sunday, and some more tonight, and one more family tomorrow. They created a wonderful memory book for their dad for Sunday. All it will take them is ONE photo each year on Father's day and this amazing book will become a place to look at 20 years of Father's Day photos. Can you imagine having this from when you were little - one photo every year on Father's Day with your Dad? I know I would love it. I would love to see us and our Dad through the years. I have one of these kits extra. If you are interested (and local) you can get it in time for Father's Day. The cost is $50 and I can make it work for one or more kids. You just need to let me know if they call their Dad "Dad" or "Daddy" and what his favorite color is, and I can have it ready for you tomorrow. If you are out of town, I can ship it to you, but it would sure be cutting it close. Email me ( right away if you are interested please. The Moms who got this album loved it. It really made them happy!! If you want a Mother's Day one for next year, please let your husband know my email address, and I can get you on the list for that workshop next April! Hope anyone reading this had a meaningful day.

The Father's Day album has been sold. I am so happy that another Dad will get this gift on Father's Day!! Thank you!!

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