Friday, June 13, 2008

Have you ever loved a gift so much it hurt your heart?

This one hurts my heart. I almost cannot wait to watch the girls give it to Neil on Sunday. I really almost cannot wait. My good friend Shannon had an amazing idea to simply add her own photos to this cool book to create a personalized gift for her husband for Father's Day. She is so cool, she even picked up the book for me. I was struggling with it because I have two kids, and it says "i" instead of "we". Once I talked myself into getting over that part, I realized I did not have photos for a few of the pages. Well, I then decided to make my first real digital photo book. Danelle will be so proud. So, here is what I ended up with, and it makes my heart happy. I just love it. I can post it now because I have to show some people or I will explode - and Neil never looks at my work blog. So, I am safe. Enjoy your Father's Day.

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Yellow Fence said...

This is so awesome. I let Jon open his last night and he LOVED it.