Saturday, August 9, 2008

A few shots of my scrapbook space

I think I know how to do this now so you can read comments under each photo. I know some of you asked me to post photos of my space, and I did not want to do that until I could tell you under each photo what that photo was. I hope this works. Let me know of any questions.
This is an overall photo of my scrapspace/home office on the right side
This is the left side.
These are my ribbons, flowers, Extra Adhesive and Heidi stuff (organized like this by my friend Shannon and it was a GREAT idea because now I use this stuff ALL THE TIME. She is the most organized person I have ever met).
Dumping out the flowers into a photo case was an idea I took from Lagina in Iowa. I used to keep them all in the bottles and I never bothered to use them - now, I use them a lot more! :) I love sorting through them and digging a bit to find exactly what I need.
My IKEA rail that I love - with my most used Clear Stamps, Wooden stamps, pencil sharpener, inks, and paints. I love that this rail holds all this stuff up off my desk.
This is a cabinet of stuff I share when friends come over to scrap. Patterened paper, stickers, and embellishments.
The stuff on the left is stuff I do not share! :) My total favorites or brand new stuff!!
Also you can see my Stacy J binders (Things we do, All About Us, People we love and Places we go). I love this system of scrapping because I can make a page on anything I want and have an immediate home for it. This system gives me such freedom and peace to all of this. Upper left are my birthday and school day books for both girls (will explain this some other time), my travel journals, and my letter boxes for each kid.
Kid's Craft area - for all their stuff. Shannon set this up for me, and it rocks! It is the best. They love it. My ribbon jars (for small pieces) and a cool storage box for mini albums sits on top.
Kaya at the kid's craft area in my space. She simply pulls out the entire container of stuff she wants to use, and then I put it back when she is done. Don't even ask about my sweatshirt on her head! :)
These are my office supplies and 12 x 12 paper holders for on-going scrapbook projects - stuff I work on a lot little by little. I used to stack projects like this up on my desk which drove me insane. Now, they have a nice little place to go, and I have a place to stick in supplies I pick up specifically for one of those projects. This cabinet is right above my laptop where I do most of my work from home stuff..... It love this cabinet!
How I store embellishments - I love these Cropper Hopper Embellishment Cases. I toss out all packaging as soon as I can and put them where they go to avoid cluttering up my containters. This was hard to start, but I love it and it totally works for the way I scrap.
Idea books, inspriational books, and binders. Shannon got me to get rid of a lot of idea books. Now I only keep the ones I love the most and I put them in this space - if I get a new one I love, one has to go. :) Also my binders.... this is where I put articles and pages I love from Magazines. I rip them out immediately and eventually file them into the correct binder. I used to hold onto magaiznes forever (as you will see if you come to my sale). Now, I am able to recycle it almost immediately after reading it because I have taken out anything I think I will reference again. MUCH easier to find ideas that inspire me now.
This is one shelf in my closet. I have lots of empty journals, and now I can find them all. I love how this let me know exactly what I have, and it is so easy to find what I need.
OK, more photos some other time. Have a ton to do - just wanted those of you worried that I was scrapping in a dumspter to see that I am OK, and that I have not left Cropper Hopper and developed a serious hording problem.... I just had a really messy attic and basement corner. Those are so close to being finished, too. :)
Remember, this system works for me - it might not work for you. Getting organized is personal. If you are in the process - look at as many people's spaces as you can, and take what you love from each one. There is no right or wrong way to get your space functional. Remember that and also know that you should never punish yourself and stop scrapping until your space is perfect. That is like not scrapping until your photos are pefectly organized. Just pick one thing (like paper, embellishments, stickers) and start there - choose a system and little by little work all your paper into that new system. Then move on to stickers or embellishments. You can do it. Take baby steps! Sorry for another huge long post. I am so glad I figured out how to post copy under photos so I could post these for all of you who emailed me to ask to see my space. Enjoy your Sunday!


Shaquanna said...

Thank you for sharing your scrap space. You have used many good ideas in organizing.

Rachel said...

Good for you mastering comments under your photos!! Your room looks amazing and organized!! WOW....mine is clean and "sort" of organized...does that count??

Latharia said...

Your space is so beautiful! :D I organize my space by giving stuff away when I can't conceive of using it in the next year! :D

Deb said...

I LOVE your space and love seeing how you organized everything. We are still on vacation - 2 days left and we have our ONE Summer book with us and boy, oh boy, is it getting filled up - we have saved hotel room keys, ticket stubs from the red sox games and even scoring cards from minature golf!! :) I love this project. Thanks again for teaching it.