Sunday, August 31, 2008

Girl Sprouts

And now the girl band has an official name. For today anyway. And they choose “girl sprouts” (which I happen to love actually).

They are rocking and playing and singing – each has a role and then they change to give each girl a turn on the new drums. They are singing, taking photos, playing drums, and playing guitar. I mean – really, could they be any cuter right now? I hope I never forget days like today when they are just being girls…  neighbors… friends…  and rock stars, too.   I am not getting nearly as much done as I had hoped upstairs because I cannot stop running down there to listen (from the stairs when they do not know I am listening) and taking photos of them. Just watching them be kids. Kids with really cool microphones, guitars, and a new electric drum set. Man, they do totally rock my world.

Kalli Rocks 
 Kaya Rocks
I told them I needed a cover shot for their new CD so they all gathered around Kaya. Man, I wish days like today could last forever.  

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