Saturday, August 30, 2008

A lot louder than I imagined....

And a lot more fun, too.


These are photos of the girls and Neil - picking up their new (not pink) but ELECTRIC drums. Holy Moly are these things cool. It was a fantastic purchase from a new local music store Eddie's Guitars... (we love supporting the little guys whenever we can) and it will bring hours of crazy fun. My husband (the only boy in the house now that my dad moved back out) was so excited about this purchase because he is a musician (who thinks drums are WAY cooler than dolls). He played in orchestras when he was younger and worked at local music stores his whole life. He plays guitar and piano and it is our dream that the kids love music. Music brings so much joy into our lives...  And so much loudness. Between the instruments and all the toys my dad left behind (slot machine, pac man machine, slot machine, bowling game and pool table) our basement is going to end up being the noisy place the kids want to play! We love that!

The girls used the cash they had for their dolls to pay for their drums. They had counted it, collected it, and earned it - and they each handed over their money so there was no question about them choosing these over the dolls!

Here are some photos of their first home concert with the drums.  I am telling you - this was such a good choice they made. We would have probably spent the same on the dolls and the trip downtown to get them, and just hearing them all down there playing together is amazing.

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