Saturday, August 30, 2008

surrounded by rock stars....

Last night our weekend plans changed because we went to have dinner with a neighbor, and they have a full drum set! Our plan was to take money the girls have saved (from their change jar, lemonade stand, tooth fairy and more) and go to Chicago to let them each pick an American Girl Doll. This has been the plan for weeks....  we have circled the AG catalog with what they like the best....  BUT, they LOVED the drums SO MUCH, the plan has been altered. They have decided to pool their money and get a (hopefully pink) real drum set.  They woke up still TOTALLY excited about the new plan....  and they got dressed like ROCK STARS (in outfits purchased with their wonderful Auntie Julie on our Colorado Journey) and we did hair and make up so they are ready to go DRUM shopping with their Dad! I love my life surrounded by rock stars.
Here is a photo from our adventure on the way to school on Friday (Kal and the neighbors ride their scooters and I pull Kaya in the wagon)  These neighbors have their house for sale which is breaking our hearts...  we hope another amazing family moves in there. We will miss them every single day.
I got this great photo of Kalli with Kaya in her class. 
I hope you are all taking lots of photos of simple things as they happen. Happy Labor Day weekend. 

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