Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Enjoy the journey

Hi Guys!!  I am so excited that for once....  I got a DEAL on two things I really really love. I always read about the smoking deals other people get (and I feel a little jealous). Well, I went to target today and happened to walk down the Scrap Aisle (which was mostly on clearance) and there were two things left on the TRAVEL pegs, and I LOVED THEM BOTH. And, I make travel journals all the time, so I could totally justify spending only $3.51 on $14.08 worth of stuff I really love!!  I am just excited. I never get deals like this. I am taking a little trip to South Carolina this weekend, and these new little babies are sure to get used!

And, on top of that - two other cool things happened to me. A good friend gave me an iTunes gift card to get this awesome new 33 Mile album (she knew my heart needed some happy new tunes) and my doorbell rang and when I went to open it, Kal, Kaya, and the three neighbor kids were holding hands and singing this amazing song.

After the other girls left, we all took photos of each other with my camera (the girls LOVE using my big Nikon - especially the little one). I mean, really - could I get any luckier today?

Hope you all took one little note on something that made you feel lucky today.
Thanks for reading this blog.

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