Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good Stuff

My heart was made happy when I found the following note on my work desk (written by my 6 year old):

What is your "good stuff"? I have so much good stuff that when I think about it - it takes my breath away. I have LOTS of not-so-good-stuff, too. But I am trying hard everyday to help my kids focus on the "good stuff" and finding this little note on my desk made me feel like even though I know I do a lot wrong, I must be doing something right.
I am about to head out of town to go to an away Chicago Bears games (one of our cool family traditions from years ago) and since we are headed out to North Carolina next weekend, we decided to leave now to visit Neil's parents in Greenville. It will be a long van ride, but I am sure it will be full of good stuff and we will capture it in our travel journal.
So, over the next 7 days - can you create a simple list of the "good stuff" in your life? I bet you would be stunned at just how much "good stuff" is on your life. I plan on starting my list in the car and making a simple page when I get back. Using this little note from Kal as the focal point on my page. I love that at 6 she knows to be grateful for the "good stuff".

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