Monday, October 13, 2008

Make Something Monday

Hey - to those few of you remember when I started Make Something Monday??  And a few of you played along? I have had a couple people email me and ask me to keep doing it because it motivated them to create something. So, here we go, I will try to get myself BACK ON TRACK to making something every Monday. Remember - just one little thing on Monday (printing photos, uploading pictures, cutting paper, setting up albums, etc) will mean you have done over 250 little things in 5 years - how cool is that??  We can do this. I know we can.

I have high hopes at bigger creativity tonight, but for now, I have made invitations to my local Creative Workshop, stapled them to new Once Upon A Family catalogs, & put them into cool clear bags. When Kaya and I go get Kalli from school, if the weather stays nice we will put them on our neighbors' doors this afternoon.

I am excited to help people create a meaningful gift for the holidays. If you are local and want the Creative Workshop information, let me know and I can email you a PDF of all the projects. Heck, if you live far away and want to see it, let me know because I am sure I could mail out the kits wherever you are, too. I have no clue how to post a PDF, but email me and I will email it right out to you. It has about 12 projects you can come create where all you have to do is bring the photos I list for you (once you sign up) and you will leave with an AMAZING gift! I am so exicted about this workshop. I really hope some people sign up because I love everything they can pick to create.

Hope you make SOMETHING today. If not today, set time to do one little things this week. Remember - do not make it harder than it needs to be - just create something and I am sure it will make you happy.

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