Monday, October 13, 2008

Making something else on Monday!

Hey - I did it - I got creative! I am in a challenge with my friend Shannon (we pull things out of a jar each week) and I had to use a rub on. I wanted to work on this anyway, so here it is.... 

This is an excellent item from Once Upon A Family called "I am always with you". It is for me to stick in my bag when I travel so I have photos and little notes from the girls and Neil. I can hang it up in my hotel room and look at their cute little faces. Kaya is working hard on her note from me as you can see here....

I am working on a treat for them when I go out of town later this week called "While I am Away" I cannot wait to show that to you guys when it is completed.  I love that these products let me do little things that really matter to my family.

Hope you made something today!

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