Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mom & Me class 10 Things I Love About You

I am teaching a class for the Town of Schererville (Indiana) on Monday, December 15th from 6 - 7 PM at the Town Hall.   I am really looking forward to helping families create a meaningful holiday gift for someone they love. I really enjoyed my last Mom and Me class, and cannot wait for this one.  I love watching Moms and Kids create something together.

Here are a few photos:

You can sign up at the Town Hall - email me if you would like more information.

I love this book and I am so happy that Kalli already made this for Kaya for Christmas! I cannot wait for her to give it to KyKy - and how cool will this be in 20 years???  (or when they are 13 and 16 and fighting over clothes...  I will take this out and yell "YOU LOVED EACH OTHER AT ONE TIME!"  Yeah, that is me, always planning to have proof that at one point they really really loved each other!!  :)

Hope you have had a great weekend. I am having Mac problems, so posting is a struggle right now. I love when computers work, want to cry when they do not!!  Happy Veteran's Day. I am so grateful for everyone who works to protect every one of our freedoms.


Danelle said...

THIS is the BEST!!!!!!!

I am doing this.

I am doing this.

I am doing this!!!!

Danelle said...

Did I mention how much I LOVE THIS PROJECT????

just need to say again, that I am doing this. I was just working on ideas for Christmas gifts and I am adding this to the list...

I need some proof in our day that they love each other....lol!